hundreds of wonders

Brève à l'attention de mes amis anglophones
Every now and then...

For the people I've been chatting with for ages, my friends from abroad, far and away, I'll try to let you hear from me, your parisian friend, Laurent.
I've been living in the city of lights for almost 9 years now, still up and about.
Last week, I was chatting with James, telling him that I was going to see a play and eventually walk around Paris. WALKING AROUND PARIS sounded very exciting for someone not living in the city where myths mingle with reality, literature with the day-to-day life of thousands of homeless people, clichés of Montmartre, silly souvenirs with the riots in the suburbs. And to be honest, I feel priviledged to live here, although it is becoming harder and harder to afford living in Paris and enjoying living in Paris. What's the point of living in this marvellous city if you can't enjoy some of its wonders? Of course, there are hundreds of wonders that are free to admire if you just look up. Free concerts, free shows, free walks.
Today's post will be short: i just wanted to let you know that there'll be a regular post (is every other week regular enough?) for non-french speaking readers and/or friends.
You'll just have to click on the "non french speaking link" and you'll have my english messages.
This doesnt prevent you from learning french :o) and ask me questions, write comments, etc.
Jeff, you see, i'm wearing the t-shirt you sent me from Chicago! (Jeff's a big fan of the Cubs, and not only because of their sexy players) Thanks for the T-shirt, i love it.
What's up now?
-I'm still translating american romance novels and LOVING it, ...not.
-The actor and director is resting, sleeping, yawning and longing for exciting projects to come by AND money to produce his dreams.
-I'm eager to make friends with open-minded and self-humorous people, "nice" people who are driven by a passion.
-The last few words to tell my man from Melbourne that I can't wait to hold him tight and visit his country: Laurent, I ADORE YOU.
(Before you get confused, let me tell you my boyfriend and I bear the same name.)
Take care,
Love and Light xxx

APRIL 13th update:
why i insisted on posting an english post is because lots of people on myspace are non-french speaking people (friends from far and away). It's only recently that i discovered the joys of myspace and requests and adding friends who were not really friends seemed a little wierd to me, but i accepted the principle, because I made real friends out of virtual contacts, i met people in the flesh... over the years of surfing in cyberspace.

A few days ago, a lovely surprise enlightened my gloomy mood, a request from my londoner friend, Tim... and I joyfully added him + had a look at his friends and found Abigail, and... and... and... more people I had met and lost track of...

Real life is calling me now! I'm going to give a ride to a friend who's been in hospital for the whole week. And we'll enjoy the wonders of Paris: having lunch on a sunny "terrasse" and sipping coffee, watching passers-by.

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samedi! a dit…

Laurent et Laurent

spelled the same but I bet it's not pronounced the same! :D

ohlebeaujour a dit…

Bonjour Samedi :o)
Indeed, but in Melbourne where Laurent lives, they pronounce it the english way
depending on how he tells people to pronounce it
Have a wonderful week-end,

Anonyme a dit…

te trouve tres charman
et tous et tous

Laurent Delpit a dit…

cher anonyme,
merci pour le compliment
j'appelle mes parents pour les féliciter,