G*o*o*d* m*o*r*n*i*n*g* m*y* d*e*a*r* J*O*E*

I am glad you enjoyed my e-mail :o) yes i'm open-hearted, as much as possible and with the people who deserve it
thanks for the pics of you, your family and your art (simply beautiful)
here it is sunday, 10:50 am, I am trying to answer the e-mails which have been unanswered for an eternity
Oddly enough I'm into communication and I feel good in my solitude and take time to answer,
1st reason is that I'm very busy with my work: a translation i have to finish by mid-june, before having another one (sequel of what I'm translating), I try to work but I'm the kind of guy who has great difficulties to focus, especially with internet and the million artistic projects i'd rather do
2nd reason: it's been a few years I've drastically cut down my phone calls, since then, i feel much better...
it'll answer your proposal, kind proposal of chatting over the phone: you see, i could call myself a phone-o-phobic, i dont even answer to my friends' calls, my parents' or my sister's calls : it always take me great efforts to tell myself: Laurent, come on, they dont deserve your silence, but i have to be in the mood
I'd rather meet and see people than talk to them for hours
So, you and I will enventually have a phone call, to hear our voices, but it'll be... let's improvise, or to be honest, let me improvise. Sorry about that.
Today is sunday and i will work. I hate sundays, i hate bank holidays, but not only because they're working days for me, i've always hated bank holidays. I dont see why we should stop our lives and go, on a sunday, clad in a ridiculous jogging shorts to wash the car
ok, i'm being egoistic
but that's too how i am
but i decided not to work this morning: coffee, you, some other e-mails, music in my ears, more coffee, staying in pyjamas all morning

I really appreciated you sharing with me some of your life events, your story :o) It's no wonder you're who you are, the arts and the people you dedicate yourself to

yes, i'd love to visit you BUT i've hardly ever travelled, even though i wish i could see more of the world
for now, i dont take holidays, cause i dont have paid vacations, i have debts, there'll be some change in my life, i need to settle back in Paris (and first of all, find a flat this fall), try to do translation & theatrical projects (that might (so I hope) take me worldwide, and my best friend is handicaped, she needs me around
of course i live my life, i will spend a week in Brussels in june with a potential boyfriend, a wonderful guy I met thanks to gaydar, i met him in april and we decided to see more of us
what will come out of it, i dont know
que sera sera
whatever will be will be

Sorry my dear Joe if this e-mail is a little messy,
i hope it will find you in great shape,
sending you a big warm embrace and kisses


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